Comedian responds to Ms. Monopoly game by releasing her own Chance, Community Chest cards

LOS ANGELES – In response to Hasbro’s release of the controversial new version of Monopoly, which gives more money to women, comedian Lindsay Glazer released her own Community Chest and Chance cards via Twitter Tuesday. 

The unofficial Ms. Monopoly bonus cards created by Glazer offer tongue in cheek commentary about a variety of modern day issues affecting women. 

Examples include a “you now identify as a man – enjoy shorter bathroom lines, but you’re still gonna get judged on your looks” Community Chest card and a “your nude photos are leaked” Chance card, which informs the player that they will now receive a promotion, raise and reality show starring their family. 

Ms. Monopoly was debuted by Hasboro Tuesday and is being billed as a new version of the iconic Monopoly game that celebrates female trailblazers and is the first “where women make more than men.” The new board game sparked a firestorm of support and disbelief for its controversial rules, which includes beginning the game by having the banker dole out $1,900 to each female player and only $1,500 to their male counterparts. The gender wage disparity continues throughout the game as players lap the board earning women $240 and men $200.

Glazer, best known for her sharp-edged honesty and irreverent humor, has performed in more than 40 cities, including top-venues like the world-famous Laugh Factory on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, and the Comic Strip Live in New York City, where comedians Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler and Jerry Seinfeld reportedly got their start.

In addition to her comedy career, Glazer is also a criminal defense attorney, writer, wife, and mother of a 5-year-old daughter. 

Earlier this year, Glazer made international headlines as the defendant of a lawsuit filed by retired NBA star Scottie Pippen. In response to the filing, Glazer immediately launched a GoFundMe to raise funds to replace Pippen’s missing $14 knife set. 

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