Wine Hating On Weed

Dear Alpha Bitch,

I was recently asked to leave a baby shower and I’m trying to make sense of it. About a week ago, my friend “Mary” (a mother of three boys and one girl) was hosting a baby shower at her house for her younger sister. It was on a Sunday, so most everyone except the guest of honor was drinking white wine. I stopped drinking about six months ago due to a kidney emergency, but since then I’ve started discreetly smoking marijuana when I’m around alcohol in social situations (we live in a decriminalized state). I’d smoked about half a joint in my car before the baby shower and I guess I smelled like it.

When “Mary” asked me if I’d been smoking weed, I told her I had. She started lecturing me in front of her family about how irresponsible it was for a woman my age (I’m one year younger than her). She was visibly drunk on mimosas and, in my opinion, took it too far. The absurdity of a drunk woman lecturing a stoned woman seemed to make everyone uncomfortable except her. I tried to call her out on her hypocrisy, but it seemed to fall on deaf ears.

Just wondering what your thoughts are when it comes to moms who drink wine and moms who smoke pot?

Baby Shower

Dear Rochelle,

First of all, you gonna pass that or what? Just kidding!

While I’m not much for the “Puffable Percocet,” as the kids say, I do spend a lot of time in California. Out there, weed is one of their absolute favorite things to talk about.

According to a clinical psychologist friend of mine, in the year before pot was decriminalized at a recreational level, there were nonstop campaign ads painting an apocalyptic dystopia wherein children become potheads before they ever have a chance. (The irony of pot being a million percent less addictive than Ritalin was lost on them, I guess.) A lot of parents were on their guard, not wanting pot anywhere near their kids, so I do understand where “Mary” might have been coming from. One of the traits that makes someone a great parent can also make them a lousy friend. Being protective of your kids will trump manners, reason, and logic every time.

In my experience, marijuana and alcohol are about equal, in that they’re both great ways to relax in moderation, but an irresponsible amount of anything should be avoided. One thing I try to keep in mind about pot, though, is that it’s had an extreme makeover in recent years and there’s still a lot the average suburban mom doesn’t know about it. In cases like that, I think mothers like “Mary” err on the side of caution – sloshed on pinot though they may be.

In your case, if pot is a safer alternative to booze, do what works best for you and don’t let the squares get you down!

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